We represent Wealth Management from High Quality Members

Our network is for you if you are a successful adviser who wants to excel, employing wealth management for your clients and looking to treat customers fairly, whilst building a wealthy client bank who appreciate your qualities. As a network network member you have high integrity and avoid those funds and products that damage your reputation and the wealth of your clients! You can be European based, or outside Europe in certain jurisdictions as we cater for you through our various Membership levels listed below.


We assist our members to achieve their set goals simply by offering the documents and support required to operate professionally and efficiently.

We ask for a simple business plan to demonstrate how you intend to build your business, if you do not have one we will assist in building one with proven OpesFidelio ideas.

You are not alone

One thing we hear from potential members is that you are isolated, or stuck in a network where no-one is listening to you. You want to break free and put your clients first and maximise your own earnings.

We offer you professional advice and support regardless of your location (although not all of this is “free” as free often means valueless.)

Email address

You have the option to have a corporate email address, this is your choice entirely.


Documents You will have access to the following documents, Terms of Business, Fact Find, Client Agreement, Investment Reports, Risk Questionnaires, etc…


Each case submitted will pass through compliance and we will ensure that all the paperwork that is required for each submission is there prior to sending off applications which can lead to time saving and ensure clients are consistently dealt with throughout “your” network. This reduces the chance of “your” network having anything other than a good reputation which is reassuring to you and your clients.

Mission Statement

OpesFidelio aim to assist advisers shape their future and provide quality advice to their clients whilst offering payment flexibility and an efficient administrative service, incentives and the possibility for advisers to own their share of the profits of the Network.

OpesFidelio Awards

Wealth Management is provided by Aisa Group whose UK company have been winners and finalists in many investment and pensions awards, including most recently MoneyFacts Investment Adviser of the Year.

OpesFidelio do not offer

  • Office space in the country that you work in.
  • Loans or Advancement of fees or commissions.
  • Immediate onward payments of indemnity commission.
  • A tie in on network members or restricted exclusivity.
  • Generic PII cover for your own products or company advice (Payable Options are available separately).
  • Access to funds without due diligence, nor access to unregulated funds that do not meet our stringent criteria.