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*Our Network Levels are outlined for both European and non-European based individuals, in order for you to ascertain which is the right one for you and your business model. Contact us today about becoming part of OpesFidelio and start earning 100% of your own fees.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How long does the registration process take? Assuming all requested documents have been submitted - 2 months.
  2. Is OpesFidelio network owned by another organisation? Yes, it is owned and part of the Aisa Group of companies.
  3. Which countries are Aisa Group regulated in? The EU (UK and 2 others), South Africa, the USA.
  4. Will I receive trail commission or fees? Normally, yes, as agreed with your clients, but subject to provider terms of business.
  5. Will I continue to receive trail at the initial rate even if I leave the network? As per your agreed contract, you will receive splits at the Proficio Member rates but your clients can transfer to your new network.
  6. Will I be provided with client documentation? Yes, we provide, Fact Find, TOB and example Suitability Letters.
  7. Will I be provided with literature and stationery? No, although at an additional cost we will provide PDF template client documents, Headed paper, e.t.c.
  1. How do you authorise EEA business? Aisa Group has passport permission rights for both IMD and MiFID to operate in the EU.
  2. Can I give advice in the UK and the USA? No, unless you obtain the appropriate qualification.
  3. So, you will authorise me in the UK and the USA? Depends, subject to qualifications and paying us additional fees and minimum regulatory costs.
  4. If I do not have authority to advise, what will happen? Any business in the UK or the USA must be advised by a qualified and regulated individual.
  5. Do I have a guaranteed buy-out of my business available? Subject to contract. No guarantees apply.
  6. Will I be provided with an email address? This is entirely optional if you wish to be an explicit member.
  7. Will I receive Money-Trove back office client onboarding system? Yes, but you will not receive administration support, office space or meeting rooms.

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