I. Work alongside qualified and regulated advisers and liaise with clients without giving advice

Who is it most appropriate for: Professionals looking for a partner or IFA's looking to reduce their workload or responsibility

Work alongside OpesFidelio

When asked, professionals want to be part of something that they feel they can be proud of and be re-assured that their clients are being advised by specialists. Not everyone wants to take the strain of advice, or feels competent to advise on every aspect of a clients position, and so our regulated advisers will assist.

Introducer rates

There is no up-front payment to join the network, but you will be asked to pay for meetings or personal assistance.

You may attend meetings that are organised (that you wish to attend) largely in London, which will allow you to mix with other members and also meet the fund managers, and obtain briefs on portfolio management and client investment techniques. A fee will be charged normally.

There are no on-going annual payments required.

OpesFidelio offers

  • Return to UK service for clients returning to the UK
  • Specialist pension advice and access to UK regulated advisers who will be able to assist all members.
  • Up to 50% of commissions and direct client fees are paid to the Proficio member when certain targets are achieved
  • Outside business interests remains 100% your business and in your name

Compliance outline

  • Professional Indemnity (PI) cover is provided for regulated products linked to the network only
  • Business conducted connected with UK or USA products or advice will be signed off by a UK or USA regulated adviser PRIOR to application completed
  • No advertising may be conducted in the name of OpesFidelio at any time

Regular savings plans and Indemnified earnings

We do not operate with Indemnified terms through choice, but we can take over servicing of these types of products and provide advice for a fee.

Qualification Level

No qualifications are required, but we would conduct due diligence on every Proficio member. The company or group, collectively and individually, will not have any pending or existing criminal convictions, nor any clawbacks outstanding and not be subject to any “actions” from life companies or financial firms, or be cited by any action group for mis-selling.

The introducer is wholly responsible for ensuring that they operate within their local regulators rules and notify them accordingly and they will be asked to confirm this.

  • Regulatory requirements in the EU, UK and USA are handled by the network entirely
  • OpesFidelio Wealth Management service is provided quarterly to all your clients at a charge by the network - you would impose your own separate ongoing servicing charge (We do not split fees or earnings)
  • Technical support is available for an extra charge linked to requirements

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